What's In A Name?

Scent Science Candle Bar has been open for a little over four months now, and it’s been incredible to see how many people have passed through our doors and experienced the vibe of our space to create their own custom candle. We love seeing your creativity in scent blending come to fruition. There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when they find their perfect blend and are ready to pour. With so many options to choose from our scent wall, you would think finding that special blend would be the most challenging part for most people. You’d be wrong. The most challenging part for most people that we’ve seen so far is coming up with a name for their candle. Really! During the time that the fragrance oils are binding with the hot, 100% natural soy wax, we ask our scent scientists (because that’s what you are when you come to the Candle Bar) to think of a name for their candle. We often hear, “I don’t know what to name it” or “I can’t think of a good name.”  We’ve been naming Scent Science brand candles for the last 5+ years and have come up with some tips you can use when you come into the Candle Bar to create your own custom candle:

  1. Let your scent blend be your guide. Floral, Gourmand, Clean, Woodsy, Spicy - Choose a name that evokes your particular scent blend. (Secret Garden, Baker’s Delight, Clean Slate, Spice Rack for example.)
  2. Does your custom blend bring to mind a particular scent memory? Create a name from that particular memory. (First Date, First Kiss, Oh Baby, I Do)
  3. Name it after a place that is significant in your life. (Lake House, California Dreaming, Going Home)
  4. Use numbers. Not all names need to be words. You can name a candle after a significant date or time (anniversary, birthday), an address, or just a number that is meaningful to you. (10:15, 48098, 7/7/2007, 111, 1985)
  5. Seasonal themes are always popular. (Christmas Morning, Spring Bouquet, Falling Leaves, Summer Vacation)
  6. Song names, lyrics, movie or book titles can make a great candle name (Love on Top, Sweet Dreams, Million Dollar Baby, Black Panther)
  7. Create a play on words. For example,  instead of Miami Vice, switch it up to Miami Vibes or change The Wizard of Oz to The Wizard of Ahhhs. You get the picture. 

Of course, you can name your custom candle that you create at Scent Science Candle Bar anything your heart desires. We hope the tips listed above will inspire you to let your creative juices flow so the next time you’re at the Candle Bar, when it comes time to write your candle’s name on the tag, you’ll be confident that you have all the tools to create your candle’s own unique name. 

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