Candle Troubleshooting

  • It may take up to 20 seconds for the wood wick to catch flame when lighting. A wooden wick is the same as any other piece of wood, the fire needs to work its way through the wood to get a good fire going. This is more so a problem when lighting the candle the first time. 

  • If you feel like your flame is too high extinguish the flame, trim the candle and relight.

  • Make sure wick is trimmed by removing ash from the tip before every burn. *Caution* Do NOT trim the wick while wax is melted and hot. Only trim after wax has fully cooled to prevent injury.

  • To help prevent "tunneling" make sure to burn your candle until the top of the wax has a full melt pool, meaning the wax is fully melted across the top of the candle.

  • Just like firewood, a wooden wick needs oxygen keep it's flame. Do not place your candle inside any candle holders that are taller than the candle itself. It may "suffocate" the flame and cause it to extinguish.

  • You may notice some variations in the color of soy candles, especially candles that use 100% soy wax with no other additives. This is called “frosting”. It looks like small, whitish crystals that form on the top of the wax or the sides of the jar. It is similar to how chocolate sometimes forms that white frosted look. I’ve always tried to minimize this as much as possible, but it is very normal for soy wax to do. 100% soy wax candles also tend to frost over time, but this in no way affects how the candle burns.

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